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The Adriatic coast of Salento is really "interminable": indeed, it extends from Leuca to the marinas of Lecce.

Between the southernmost end of this coastal stretch, namely the Cape of Leuca, and the northernmost marina in the province of Lecce, the town of Casalabate, there are at least 100 km of distance.

A very long coast with a thousand faces

You can well imagine, therefore, how many are the beautiful locations along this stretch: the Adriatic coast of Salento really has a thousand faces.

Listing in a complete way all the places worthy of a visit is really hard, therefore we will mention the most important ones, with the awareness of forgetting some of them that are certainly not far behind.

From the Cape of Leuca to Tricase

Starting our virtual tour from the areas of Leuca, going up along the coast, we must mention first of all Ciolo, a destination famous for the iconic bridge that lays down over a spectacular fjord.

The cliffs overlooking the sea frame a small cove with sloping seabed, but those who prefer to swim deeper must do nothing but move a little further. Moreover, it is not uncommon for the most daring ones to engage in incredible dives.

Trekking along the paths of Ciolo will allow you to fully enjoy the natural charm of this resort.

Heading northwards, the coast offers mainly stretches of cliffs, dotted with splendid sea caves: Novaglie, for example, boasts several ones.

Continuing on this tour of the Adriatic, you will find the coasts of Tricase, of which Marina Serra is a worthy icon. Rocky as well as other destinations, Marina Serra is famous for its natural swimming pool, which is an area protected by high cliffs that seems to be an authentic swimming pool, characterized by calm and clear waters and shallow seabed.

Marina di Andrano and Marina di Marittima are unspoilt and spectacular. This latter boasts a very wonderful location, the bay of Acquaviva, a rocky cove that encloses a calm and extraordinarily clear sea, so that the seabed can be seen in a clear way. Authentic "postcard" landscape, the inlet of Acquaviva is perfect for bathing and the presence of ladders, paths and flat surfaces allows you to fully enjoy this paradise.

Castro and Santa Cesarea Terme

Castro deserves a special mention. It is a medieval village with wonderful views over the sea. This is where you will find the Zinzulusa Cave, that you can visit with special boat tours, but also on foot.

A few kilometres further there is Santa Cesarea Terme, a very picturesque town. And the name is anything but random: in the area, indeed, there are spas known throughout Italy.

The renowned Otranto

Passing through other beautiful places such as Porto Badisco, you will reach Otranto, one of the most famous tourist cities in Salento. Known as “Porta d’Oriente” (Gateway to the East), it boasts many historical and artistic beauties, above all its imposing Aragon Castle.

In the area of Otranto, the cliffs, until here predominant, begin to give way to sandy stretches: just north of Otranto, indeed, there is a very popular beach area called Alimini, where there are large sandy beaches framed by lush pine forests.

From Melendugno to Lecce: the beaches

Continuing the virtual journey along the Adriatic coast of Salento, you will reach the marinas of Melendugno, in this order: Sant'Andrea, Torre dell'Orso, Roca Vecchia and San Foca. Among these, Torre dell’Orso deserves a special mention, for its extraordinary beauty and because it is a very popular seaside resort, quite lively even in the evening.

Then, along the last stretch of coast, you will meet a wonderful State Nature Reserve managed by the WWF, called Le Cesine. From here you can reach the marinas of Lecce, frequented by those who live in the city because of their proximity: San Cataldo, Frigole, Torre Chianca and Torre Rinalda, surrounded by the green nature of Rauccio Park.